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St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
Sunday 27th September 2020 - 26th Sunday of the Year
St Mary Magdalenes   St Mary Magdalenes   st mary magdalenes   St Mary Magdalenes   St Mary Magdalenes  
26th Sunday Year A

When the sinner renounces sin, he shall certaily live. Ezekiel 18: 25-28 ( Today's first reading)

A prayer during a pandemic
Saint Corona is the patron saint of pandemics, a second century martyr. The word corona means crown
Lord Jesus Christ, You came into this world for our salvation.
Look kindly on us now, we pray, that we, and all those who serve You,
might be kept safe from this pandemic
Saint Corona pray for us

Saint Corona: Martyred 170 A.D. Feast day 14th May.


Welcome, If you´re visiting, are new to the area, or just live here, you are most welcome in our sister parishes.
We are delighted you have joined us. If you are new to the parish please make yourself known to
Fr. Jock.

St Mary Magdalenes


O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the changing of the seasons.
As we welcome the autumn months,
may the earlier setting of the sun
remind us to take time to rest.
May the brilliant colours of the leaves
remind us of the wonder of your creation.
May the steam of our breath in the cool air
remind us that it is you who give us the breath of life.
May the harvest from the fields remind us of the
abundance we have been given and bounty we are to share with others.
May the dying of summer's spirit remind us of your great promise that
death is temporary and life is eternal.
We praise you for your goodness forever and ever.
- Author Unknown


Sunday Masses in our Churches

Mass in St Mary Magdalene´s on Sunday 27th September at 11.15am
Mass in St John´s Vigil Mass on Saturday 26th September at 6.30pm
Mass in St John´s on Sunday at 9.30am
Sunday 20th September at 11am Pre-recorded in the Prayer Room

Some Masses are Live Streamed in the Prayer Room

Date   Mass Time   Feast   Information
Sun 27th September   11.15am  ; in St Mary Magdalene´s   Etta McShane;
Mon 28th September   10am Prayer Room    >   Special Intention
Tues 29th September   7pm   Feast of SS Michael, Gabriel Raphael   Mass for Nuala Scott
Wed 30th September   10am   Memorial for St Jerome   In St John´s for Sally O'Connor
Thu 1st October   Mass at 10am   Memoria of St Therese of Lisieux   St Mary Magdalene´s Mass for Elizabeth O'Neil
Fri 2nd October   10am in Prayer Room   Memorial of THe Holy Guardian Angels   Mass for Fay Dignan
Sat 3rd October   No Morning Mass        
Sat 3rd October   6.30pm (Vigil Mass)   In St John´s Church  People of the Parish

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Our sister Parish - St. John The Evengelist - www.stjohnsportobello.co.uk

St Mary Magdalenes
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