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Getting Started


The New Parish

In the space of a very short time ( three weeks, in fact) and after some hard work on Father Glancey´s part the following letter was sent to every catholic family in the new parish.


The Parish Letter

My dear People,
Our Archbishop has established the Bingham-Jewel, Magdalene area as a new Mission and has appointed me as your first priest in charge. We are all missionaries in this great new venture and its success depends on all of us - priest and people alike.

We have no church, no presbytery - nothing. Many of us have loyalties to other parishes - to St. John's, the parent parish, to St. Terea's, through the tunnel, to Musselburgh, to St. Ninian's and to the Cathedral - all on the bus route.

To succeed, we must sacrifice these old loyalties in order that this new mission may one day become a parish, ie a community of Christians united in loving God and their neighbour.

Our Territory is one mile long - from end to end, Niddrie Road is the natural centre - within half a mile of everyone in the district ie - 10 minutes walk at most, and so it is with great joy that I report that we have secured the use of the Jewel Miners' Welfare Hall, Niddrie Road, for two Masses each Sunday - 9 and 11.30a.m. - (this should suit everyone with the exception of some shift workers).

In addition - thanks to Mr and Mrs Joseph Rowell - a room in their home at 40 Niddrie Road has been put at my disposal where you can come and see me any day between 10 and 11a.m. and 4 and 5p.m. Messages can be left there in the letter box, if, for any reason, I am unable to attend.

Until we can acquire a house in the district - big enough for the establishment of a chapel for daily Mass, Benediction etc. I shall be resident in St' John's, 40 Brighton Place, Portobello - Tel POR 5447.

We shall continue to use St. John's Church for Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals until we have premises of our own. Sunday Mass at 9am and 11.30am, begins on the 15th October ie next Sunday. Confessions will be heard for half an hour before Mass. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, and to visiting you in your homes in the next few weeks. Pray for the success of our Mission,
God bless you,

Lawernce A. Glancey
Priest in charge.
If you know of any catholic who has not received this letter, please tell them about it. L.A.G.


Early Days

The first Mass was the start of the new parish and from there,still without a house or a church, a community began to form. Soon Father Glancey was a familiar and popular figure as, in duffel coat and beret, he cycled round the district, speaking to everyone and making many friends. Father Glancey visited all his parisioners and quickly identified the various skills and talents which could be harnessed in the development of the parish. His enthusiasm was infectious and a willing band of helpers came forward. It was not until the summer of 1962 that a house was purchased in Milton Crescent. This was a tremendous asset.The garage became the parish hall and a room in the house became an oratory. Morning Masses werre offered there and services,where the congregation was not large,were held there. The Sunday services, however, still took place in the Miners´ Institute.



Church Meetings

The following notice of meetings shows just how far the parish had come in less than one year and also just how integrated St Mary Magdalene´s Parish had become in the local community. (Yes, the parish had a name. Since part of the parish was sited on the area where the Magdalen Chapel had stood and through which the Magdalen burn flowed, St Mary Magdalene was the obvious choice.)

Church Information


Monday - 7.30p.m. - Women´s Guild - St. Christopher´s School
Monday - 7.30p.m. - Scouts - Lismore School
Wednesday - 5.00p.m. - Junior Girls´ Club - St. Christopher´s School
Wednesday - 7.00p.m. - Men´s Club - Jewel Institute
Wednesday - 8.00p.m. - Legion of Mary (senior) - Garage
Friday - 6.15p.m. - Cubs - St. Christopher´s School
Friday - 8.00p.m. - Legion of Mary (junior) - Garage


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Parish Priest
Father Jock Dalrymple
0131 669 5447

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