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All of the recipes have been submitted by members or friends of the Parish. We would encourage you to submit your recipe with a photo to be shared on this page, so please email mail@stmarymagdalenes.co.uk or click the button St Maryt Magdalenes


Well Fired Glasgow Bread



Well Fired Glasgow Bread from Iain Wilkie Scotland



St Mary Magdalenes


St Mary Magdalenes

Preparation Time

St Mary Magdalenes

Cooking Time

St Mary Magdalenes


  • 300g Sourdough Starter
  • 450g Flour
  • 200ml Tepid Water
  • Handful of Salt
  • Tap Water
  • Boiling Water


Take the Starter, Flour and salt and mix all together as shown in video
Oil a bowl
Cover and let it rise for 2 hours
Knock it back into 2 loafs
Cover and let it rise for 2 hours
Preheat Oven to 240°
Turn over bowls onto floured surface then score the top of the bread
Place in Baking tin
Bake for 30 mins
Spray with water
Bake for another 15 mins
Flip it over, spray it with water and bake for another 5 mins
Remove from over and scatter some flour on top
Place on cooling tray
Repeat for other loaf

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