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Ann Dockrell

Our oldest parishioner - Ann Dockrell is housebound and because mornings are particularly difficult for her she can no longer attend Sunday Mass with us. She is 96 years old, lives alone and has limited mobility and many other difficulties. She misses attending Mass very much ( even wonders if she is not trying hard enough – which is not the case). Visiting Ann is a privilege and I always come away humbled. She has raised a large family most of whom are not in Edinburgh. Her daughter ,Helen, does live nearby and is a great help to her mother and without whom it may not be possible for Ann to have the level of independence she values so much. She is a well educated highly intelligent artistic woman . In-spite of lack of mobility but with Helen's help she attends an art class, one afternoon per fortnight. She produces excellent little pieces of work.

In the years I have known Ann I have never heard her complain. She tells me regularly that she has so much to be thankful for and that she is grateful for all that is done for her. She specially appreciates that fact that Eileen and Peggy take Holy Communion to her and I have never heard her criticise anyone. She is interested in everything and everyone and pushes aside all our concerns and questions about her health and problems. She loves having people call to see her.

An example of the work of Ann Dockrell

What do I like about St. Mary Magdalene's Parish?
St Mary Magdalene's mean a lot to me. It is small enough for everyone to get to know each other and so to form friendships and close bonds. I find it a warm welcoming parish with people who care about the parish and about one another. Father Tabone told me when he was leaving return to Malta that in over two years as our Parish Priest he had never heard anyone in the parish bad -mouth another parishioner. That I think, is a wonderful tribute.

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