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st mary magdalenes

In this year of 2020 I wonder if we can have some new ideas.

When thinking, after Mass on Sunday 19th January, about Father Martin Moran´s homily,about a master and his servants I wondered if it were possible to alter this exercise to suit our parish. Could we reflect on St Mary Magdalene´s over the last sixty years? Would stories of the past interest/amuse our younger parishioners and perhaps encourage more involvement in our Parish life?

I wondered if there would be any interest in having, for a few weeks a page on our website where as many of us as possible share our ideas, thoughts, or stories, past and present.

This is open to everyone who visits this site, regardless of location or religion, or anyone who has connections or their friends or family have connections with the parish.

Our questions asked

1. What are our ideas, thoughts, or stories, past and present.
2. What do we like or dislike about St. Mary Magdalene´s?
3. What would we change?
4. What have we to offer?
5. What brought you to St. Mary Magdalene´s?
6. Which parishioners, past or present have impressed or do impress us now and why?
7. What stories, anecdotes, memories or events have we to share with each other?

I think there are many outstanding parishioners past and present, about whom many, especially the young know nothing. Please let us try this. Only one word of caution �?? if the story we tell is not personal then we must ensure any living person mentioned in the story has given us permission to tell it - for Data Protection reasons.

Please let us have some of your stories, biographies, events of note or your reply to the above questions! If you wish to send a paper response there will be forms and and a box in the porch for anything you wish to share .Or you can send your responses by e-mail.

Please send e-mail replies to mail@stmarymagdalenes.co.uk and please state within the email that permission has been given by the named person

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