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  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  Wdnesday Word 21st April 2021
Sunday Plus 18th April 2021
Third Sunday of Easter 18th April 2021
Masses this week 19th April 2021
Letter from the Catholic Bishops April 2021
An Easter Meditation Appril 2021
Wdnesday Word 14th April 2021
Sunday Plus 11th April 2021
To Commemorate Mike Knox 11th April 2021
Feast of Divine Mercy 11th April 2021
Masses for week 12th April 2021
Second Sunday of Easter 11th Appril 2021
Wednesday Word 7th April 2021
Sunday Plus 4th April 2021
St John's Treasure Trail April 2021
Masses for week 5th April 2021
Easter Sunday 4th Appril 2021 2021
Wednesday Word 31st March 2021
Sunday Plus 28th March 2021
Good Friday in Porty March 2021
Water - and Easter Sunday 2021
Ten years in Syria 2021
Palm Sunday 28th March 2021
Masses for week 29th March 2021
Prayer Walk 1 Psalm 27
Fifth Sunday of Lent – Sunday 21 March 2021
Be still and know: Discovering God in silence
A Reflection on the Gospel, 5th Sunday
Wednesday Word 24th March 2021
Masses with YouTube links
Wednesday Word 17th March 2021
Sunday Plus 714h March 2021
Reflection March 14th 2021
Pilgrim of peace 14th March 2021
Masses for week 14th March 2021
Fourth Sunday of Lent 14th March 2021
Wednesday Word 10th March 2021
Sunday Plus 7th March 2021
Prayer Walk 1 March 7th 2021
Vote for St. John´s March 2021
Masses for week 7th March 2021
Third Sunday of Lent 7th March 2021
Wednesday Word 3rd March 2021
Sunday Plus 28th February 2021
Prayer Walk 3 28th February 2021
Prayer Walk 1 The taming of the fox 28th February 20221
Masses for week 1st March 2021
Second Sunday of Lent 28th February 2021
Wednesday Word 24th February 2021
Respond to Jesus 21st February 2021
Suggestioins for Lent 21st February 2021
Hidden treasure 21st February 2021
Prayer Wak 1 21st February 20221
Masses for week 21st February 2021
First Dunday of Lent 21st February 2021
Wednesday Word 17th February 2021
Light shines in the darkness February 2021
Hidden treasure-14th February 2021
A reflection on sixth Sunday February 2021
Masses for week 14th February 2021
6th Sunday of the year 14th February 2021
Wednesday Word 10th February 2021
Finding your hidden treasure
Readings for 5th Sunday of Year
What Sir Tom Moore taught...
Masses for week 7th February 2021
5th Sunday of the year 7th February 2021
Wednesday Word 3rd February 2021
Teach with authority
A meditation for the anxious
Pastoral letter
Masses for week 31st January 2021
4th Sunday of the year 31st January 2021
Wednesday Word 27th January 2021
Joe Biden
It sounds simple
The God who speaks - Reflection
Masses for week 24th January 2021
3rd Sunday of the year 24th January 2021
Wednesday Word 20th January 2021
The Bells are ringing
Introducing people to Jesus
Masses for week 17th January 2021
2nd Sunday of the year 17th January 2021
Wednesday Word 13th January 2021
The Parables
Happy in Second Place
Quotes 2021
Masses for week 10th January 20210
10th January 2021 Baptism of the Lord
Wednesday Word 6th January 2021
Justice and Peace Scotland
The Christmas Story - Matthew
Masses this week 3rd january 2021
Sunday Plus 3rd January 2021
Feast of the Epiphany – Sunday 3 January 2021
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  Wednesday Word 30th December 2020
The Parables
Happy in Second Place
Quotes 2021
Masses for week 10th January 2021
10t January 2021 Baptism of the Lord
Wednesday Word 30th December 2020
The power of family love
Nativity scene characters
A portrait of St Joseph
An Invitation 2020
Masses for week 27th December 2020
Christmas Day 2020
Wednesday Word 23rd December 2020
Willing and joyful
An Advent Calendar with a difference
Masses for week 20th December 2020
December 20th 2020 - 4th Sunday of Advent
Wednesday Word 16th December 2020
Voices crying in the wilderness
Pastoral letter from the Bishops
Masses for week 13th December 2020
December 13th 2020 - 3rd Sunday of Advent
Wednesday Word 9th December 2020
Reconciliation - Advent 2020
In memory of Mike Knox
God's watchman
Masses this week -6th December 2020
Second Sunday of Advent 6th December 2020
Wednesday Word 2nd December 2020
We are not alone
The meaning of Advent
Advent Calendar 2020
Masses this week -29th November 2020
First Sunday of Advent 29th November 2020
Wednesday Word 25th November 2020
The Chosen
Share appreciation
Homily -Pope Francis
Masses this week -22nd November 2020
Feast of Christ the King 22nd November 2020
Wednesday Word 25th November 2020
Father Lawrence Freeman writes...
Take time to reflect
Masses for week 15th November 2020
November 15th 2020 - 33rd Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 11th November 2020
Remember and do not forget
Chosen for eternity
Masses for week 8th November 2020
November 8th 2020 - 32nd Sunday of the Year -Remembrance Sunday
Wednesday Word 4th November 2020
Sanctified Brethren
Grief and Loss
Masses for week 1st November 2020
November 1st 2020 - 31st Sunday of the Year Feast of All Saints
A Liturgy of Light
Masses This week 25th Oct 2020
Wednesday Word 28th October 2020
Meeting Sisters in Cafes
October 25th 2020
Love all around
Wednesday Word 21st October 2020
Tribute to Casar?
The Redemptive Death of Jesus
Masses for week 18th October 2020
October 18th 2020 - 29th Sunday of the Year Mission Sunday
Wednesday Word 14th October 2020
Two Pastoral Letters
God's Invitation
Masses for week 11th October 2020
October 11th 2020 - 28th Sunday of the Year
Obituary of Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga
Wednesday Word 7th October 2020
What are you here for?
Become the cornerstone
Masses for week 4th October 2020
October 4th 2020 - 27th Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 30th September 2020
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants
Look deeper and see God
Masses for week 27th September 2020
September 27th 2020 - 26th Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 23rd September 2020
So precious...
Finding God in Nature
Masses for week 20th September 2020
September 20th 2020 -25th Sunday of the Year
The Charles Schulz Philosophy
Wednesday Word 16th September 2020
Masses this week 13th September 2020
Seventy times seven
Embracing our brokenness
September 13th 2020 - 24th Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 9th September 2020
Michael Andrew Knox
Jesus in our midst
Masses for week 6th September 2020
September 6thh 2020 - 23ed Sunday of the Year
Women of vision
Wednesday Word 2nd September 2020
Masses this week 30th August 2020
Seize the promise of Jesus
A Season of Creation
August 30th 2020 - 22nd Sunday of the Year
The Petrine figure in the church
Wednesday Word 26th August 2020
Masses this week 23rd August 2020
A reflection by Bernard Traynor
A Poem by Alison Brown
August 23rd 2020 - 21st Sunday of the Year
Bill Wishart -turned detective
Wednesday Word 19th August 2020
Mary and Elizabeth
Church with no hymns is hard to contemplate
Masses for week 16th August 2020
August 16th 2020 - 20th Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 12th August 2020
Lockdown: a poem
Staying afloat
Masses for week 9th August 2020
August 9th 2020 - 19th Sunday of the Year
Respond with compassion
Wednesday Word 5th August 2020
Awakening to wonder
Blessed thoughts and thanks
Masses for week 2nd August 2020
August 2nd 2020 - 18th Sunday of the Year
The authentic article
Wednesday Word 29th July 2020
Postscript: the sense of humour
He lived among us
Masses for week 26th July 2020
July 26th 2020 - 17th Sunday of the Year
If we are the yeast.......
ChildrenÁs letter to God
A Poem - Anguish
Wednesday Word 22nd July 2020
A Payer to THe Holy Spirit
Guidelines for resumption of Masses
Masses for week 129h July 2020
July 19th 2020 - 16th Sunday of the Year
A heroine of the seas
Wednesday Word 15th July 2020
After the storm
A vision of life after lockdown
Masses for week 12th July 2020
July 12th 2020 - 15th Sunday of the Year
Work with a different flavour
Wednesday Word 8th July 2020
The swan of Figgate Park
The Ministry of Jesus
Masses for week 5th July 2020
July 5th 2020 - 14th Sunday of the Year
Wednesday Word 1st July 2020
Who do you say I am
Malcolm Guite Five Dialogues
Masses for week 28th june 2020
June 28th 2020 Saint Pete rand St Paul
Challenged by hair and sparrows
Wednesday Word 24tth June 2020
Tae a virus
A Reflection on Lockdown
Masses for week 21st June 2020
21st June 2020 - 12th Sunday of the Year
Food for the journey
A reflection on the Feast of Corpus Christi
Wednesday Word 17th June 2020
A letter from Scottish Bishops
A Prayer for all who minster
Masses week 14th June 2020
17th June 2020 The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
Wednesday Word 10th June 2020
Live in God's likeness
Masses for this week 7th June 2020
Fr Tommy Greenan - tales from El Salvador
7th June 2020 - Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinityy
Wednesday Word 3rd June 2020
Thy Kingdom Come
Masses for week 31ts May 2020
Fr Tommy Greenan is remembered
31st May 2020 Pentecost Sunday
Remembering John Hughes
Novena Booklet
Masses for week 24th May 2020
A Perspective
24th May 2020 Seventh Sunday of Easter
Mighty by Lynne Fraser
Hope need help
Wednesday Word 20th May 2020
Masses for week 17th May 2020d
Father Jock on growth of easrl church
17th Mayl 2020 Sixth Sunday of Easter
Wednesday Word 13th May 2020
Facing the future
Masses for week Sunday 10th May 2020
10th May 2020 - Fifth Sunday of Easter
Wednesday Word 6th May 2020
Some recent words of Pope Francis
Called to be a gatekeeper
Finding hope on our own road to Emmaus
Masses beginning 3rd May 2020
3rd May 2020 Fourth Sunday of Easter
Masses for week Sunday 26th Aoril
26th April 2020 Third Sunday of Easter
God lives under the bed
A time for parishes to ramp up or slow down
Recognise the voice
19th April 2020 Second Sunday of Easter Divine Mercy Sunday
Links to Weekday Masses
Holy Week Services
Wednesday Word 15th April 2020
Share the living bread
A meditation for the anxious during Covid -19
12th April 2020 Easter Sunday
A rflection on the Passion of Jesus
A reflection for Palm Sunday 2020
A message from Sr Ignatius
5th April 2020 Palm Sunday
29th March 2020 Fifth Sunday of Lent
Wednesday Word 25th March 2020
Letter from Bihop March 2020
Finding Eucharist
Pastoral letter March 2020
Before I met him
22th March 2020 Fourth Sunday of Lent
Wednesday Word 18th March 2020
Pastoral letter from Archbishop Cushley
The call to spiritiual thirst
15th March 2020 Third Sunday of Lent
Wednesday Word 11th March 2020
Cluster Newsletter March 2020
Reflection for Lent
Jean Vanier revisited
A glimpse of divinity
8th March 2020 Second Sunday of Lent
Wednesday Word 4th March 2020
First, listen to God
1st March 2020 First Sunday of Lent
Wednesday Word 26th February 2020
Growing up with climate change
Getting stung doing good
23rd February 2020 7th Sunday in Ordinary time
The suddenness of God
Wednesday Word 19th February 2020
A Tired Church
Choose peace
16th February 2020 6th Sunday in Ordinary time
Ways of Praying
Wednesday Word 12th February 2020
A life less ordinary
9th February 2020 5th Sunday in Ordinary time
Malawi Pilgrimage Part 3
Parish Registration Form
All will be well
2nd February 2020 Presentation of the Lord
The Wednesday Word January 29th 2020
The Pilgrimage continued
Disciples of Jesus
26th January 2020 Third Sunday of the year
The Wednesday Word 22nd January 2020
Pilgrimage to Africa 2020
The power of witness
19th January 2020 Second Sunday of the year
The Wednesday Word 12th January 2020
Waiting to see the face of God
Proofs for the existence of God
Who am I?
12th January 2020 The Baptism of the Lord
The Wednesday Word 8th January 2020
Sainte Mere et son fils
Article by Sister Catherine Wybourne
Justice and Peace Scotland 2020
Seek and find our God
5th January 2020 The Feast of the Epiphany
Parish Handbook The Wednesday Word January 1st 2020
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  Reflection for December 29th 2019
In danger of their lives
29th December 2019 The Holy Family
The Wednesday Word December 15th
Another meaning of Christmas
The Light of the World is close
22nd December 2019 Fourth Sunday of Advent
The Wednesday Word December 18th 2019
News from Mike Knox December 2019
Think outside the box
15th December 2019 Third Sunday of Advent
The Wednesday Word December 11th
Voices from Beyond the Jordan and the Limestone Hills
Reconciliation Sunday Advent 2019
The Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand
8th December 2019 Second Sunday of Advent
Advent Calendar
Reconciliation Sunday 2019
Don't be caught napping
1st December 2019 First Sunday of Advent
The Wednesday Word
Promoting Gospel Values
A Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Scotland
Save yoursself and us,
24th November 2019 The Feast of Christ The King
The Wednesday Word
World Day of the Poor
Danger ahead
From book by Friar Richard Rohr
17th November 2019 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Presentation on Landings
10th November 2019 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
A reflection for November
On the threshold of forgiveness
3rd November 2019 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Welcome back to the Church.
Be missionaries of God´s love
27th October 2019 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Succeeding by failure.
Proclaim the message
20th October 2019 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
A reflection on everyday life.
Go out of your way
13th October 2019 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Share the good news
Listening with compassion
6th October 2019 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
A Reflection by Fr. Henri Nouwen
When innocence becomes a crime
29th Septembwe 2019 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Autumn Fayre
Answering the cal?
Bumper week-end for vocations
Using the time
22nd September 2019 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Legion of Mary
Are we the lost sheep?
15th Septembwe 2019 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
You've got a friend in St. Therese
A quiet revolution
What makes the difference?
8th Septembwe 2019 23rd Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
Thank you
How do you feel aboout going to Confession?
1st Septembwe 2019 22nd Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
Cluster Parishes update
Have I accepted God´s invitation?
25th August 2019 21st Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
Bishop Brendan Kelly
Entrusted with a gift
18th August 2019 - 20th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
A glimpse of Jesus at a country dance
Where´s your heart?
11th August 2019 19th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
The rich fool
4th August 2019 18th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
Letter to Councillor
Removal of the Church´s voting rights
Having forgiveness at the ready
28th July 2019 17th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
So you can´t forgive?
Face-to-face with the Lord
21st July 2019 16th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
Good Samaritans
A great love is waiting for me
Hugh Lavery A reflection
14th July 2019 15th Sunday 2019 in Ordinary Time
What do you see?
Just di it!
5th July 2019 14th Sunday 2019 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. John´s Open Parish Meeting
Blessed, broken and shared
Corpus Christi
St. John´s Church closed for next two weeks
Living-loving Trinity
A reflection for Trinity Sunday
16th June 2019 2019 - Trinity Sunday
A reflection by Fr. Fergus Kerr OP
Promise of the Spirit
Hearts hear better
9th June 2019 2019 Pentecost Sunday
Ascension to Pentecost
World Communications Day
It´s worth sharing
2nd June 2019 7th Sunday of Easter
Love is His Meaning
Work together for peace
26th May 2019 Sixth Sunday of Easter
In his own words
An article by Fr. Jock
Love actively
19th May 2019 5th Sunday of Easter
Obituary Jean Vanier 1928 -2019
His Master´s Voice
12th May 2019 Fourth Sunday of Easter
A hidden national trauma
The figure of authority
5th May 2019 Third Sunday of Easter
And all manner of thing shall be well
Divine Mercy
28th April 2019 Second Sunday of Easter - Feast of Divine Mercy
An update on the Syrian refugess in Edinburgh
From darkness into light
21st April 2019 Easter Sunday
Our own Good Friday
The Tridium
Grand Passion
14th April 2019 Palm Sunday
Holy Week Sevices in Portobello Churches
A vulnerable Messiah
A Reflection on the Passion
Wonder with the Word
Look inward
7th April 2019 5th Sunday in Lent
Secret of real happiness
SCIAF Rt Rev Bishop Toal
One more chance
31st March 2019 4th Sunday in Lent
Reconciliation Sunday
Lenten psalms
Change happems
24th March 2019 2019 3rd Sunday in Lent
Message from Pope Francis
Listen attentively
17th March 2019 2019 2nd Sunday in Lent
Not on bread alone
Cluster Letter
Lent 2019
Letter from Archbishop Cushley
10th March 2019 First Sunday in Lent
Witness by your life
3rd March 2019 8th Sunday in ordinary time
Of Gods and Men
Discerning the greater good
24th February 2019 7th Sunday in ordinary time
17th February 2019 6th Sunday in ordinary time
Sunday Plus
For Grief John O´Donohue
What is hopepunk
Success is possible
10th February 2019 5th Sunday in ordinary time
Pope Francis applauds
Called and chosen for Good News
3rd February 2019 4th Sunday in ordinary time
Good news for poor people.
A Parish Creed
27th January 2019 3rd Sunday in ordinary time
The unexpected gift
20th January 2019 2nd Sunday ordinary time
Welcome whoever you may be.
Blockbuster Mission
13th January 2019 The Baptism of The Lord Lectio Divino
A Reflection
Little and transforming
6th January 2019 The Epiphany of the Lord
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  The miracle of Christmas
The Christ Child of the year
Love is the rock
30th Decemberr 2018 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Incarnation God is with us.
Tabernacle of the Lord
23rd December 2018 Fourth Sunday of Avent
What is the Angelus?
The Angelus
No optional extras
Hospitality is at the heart of the Advent season
16th Decemberr 2018 Third Sunday of Advent
Old Testament Prophets
Not reed but root
9th December 2018 Second Sunday of Avent
Watch yourselves
Examination of conscience
2nd December 2018 First Sunday of Avent
The mystery of grace
The Kingdom of God is here
25th November 2018 Feast of Christ the King
World day of the poor
Be prepared to dream
18th November 2018 33rd Sunday
Take a chance for others
Letter from Archbishop Cushley to St. Mary Magdalenes parishioners
Archbishop Cushley´s letter to St. John´s parishioners
A boy´s explanation of God
11th November 2018 32nd Sunday
Postcard from Portobello
Learning to love
4th November 2018 31st Sunday
See, hear and act
28th October 2018 30th Sunday
Charity fundraising
Missio - letter
Mission a labour of love
21st October 2018 29th Sunday
A letter from Archbishop Cushley Lay Apostolate
Broken but blessed
14th October 2018 28th Sunday
Cluster Parishes October 2018
The Gift of Children
7th October 2018 27th Sunday
STEKA What is it?
30th September 2018 26th Sunday
23rd September 2018 25th Sunday
Sunday Plus
Simple Prayers
7th September 2018 23rd Sunday
Benignus O´Rourke
In a Mother The existance of God
Sunday Plus
Why I´m not leaving the Catholic Church
Having a Heart.
2nd September 2018 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time
The Gospel Challenge
God´s Challenge.
26th August 2018 21st Sunday in Ordinary time
Why do I come to Mass?
Teachers are remembered
Heavenly food
19th August 2018 20th Sunday in Ordinary time
Why I believe in God
When God created mothers
How not to depress the Holy Spirit
12th August 2018 19th Sunday in Ordinary time
A reflection
Hungry for love
Encountering Christ
5th August 2018 18th Sunday in Ordinary time
The Wednesday Word
The Lord´s Prayer for Justice
A String of Wisdaom
Help one person at a time
29th July 2018 17th Sunday in Ordinary time
To love is to forgive
Smell the sheep
22nd July 2018 16th Sunday in Ordinary time
Travel lightly but not alone
New fund to help Malawians
15th July 2018 15th Sunday in Ordinary time
Strength in weakness
Pope to dinner with homeless
8th July 2018 14th Sunday in Ordinary time
When You Pray
Trust the Lord´s compassion
Psalms for praying Pslam 62
1st July 2018 13th Sunday in ordinary time
Hugh Lavery A Reflection
God has shown favour
24th June 2018 The Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist
Into Your Hands
Flourish and be fruitful
17th June 2018 11th Sunday in Ordinary time
Parish Handbook
Redefining family
Mercy, truth and pastoral practice
Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
10t June 2018 10th Sunday in Ordinary timei
A Rainy Day
Letter from Archbishop Cushley
This is My Body
3rd June 2018 Feast of Corpus Christi
Trinity Sunday
A Reflectiion on the Readings
Discipleship and friendship
Pentecost Sunday
Need to know.
Letter from Bishop Tartaglia
Cluster Newsletter
13th May 2018 57th Sunday of Easter
Celibacy revisited.
Fallin love, stay in love
6th May 2018 6th Sunday of Easter
Reasons to believe in God
Make your home dementia friendly
Be rooted in Jesus
29th April 2018 5th Sunday of Easter
Brunton Scott Baptist Minister.
Good shepherds needed.
20th April 2018 4th Sunday of Easter
Visit of Bishop Barron
Divine and human
15th April 2018 3rd Sunday of Easter
Believing Thomas
Cardinal Nichol´s Homily.
8th April 2018 2nd Sunday of Easter
The ups and downs of faith
Rising to thhe occasion
A time of liberation
1st April 2018 Easter Sunday
Two different processions
The Triduum
Reflections for Lent
25th March 2018 Palm Sunday
Spiritual Fruits
Legho Newsletter
Holy Week Services
Grief Cardinal Basil Hume
18th March 2018 Fifth Sunday of Lent
God´s love saves
Letter from the Bishop of Motherwell
Lifted high
Celebrating Forgiveness
11th March 2018 Fourth Sunday of Lent
From a building to a person
A story from L´Arche
Finance from St. Mary Magdalene's
4th March 2018 Third Sunday of Lent
Letter from Archbishop
"Only" does not mean "Unimportant"
Entering Lent
Cluster news
25th February 2018 Second Sunday of Lent
Transforming Opportunities
Reflections for Lent
Customise your Lent
18th February 2018 First Sunday of Lent
The joyful season of lent
Pope´s advice for Lent
Dare to be different
11th February 2018 6th Sunday of Year
Meet Jesus in Other People
A Healthy Fear of God
Patient Trust
4th February 2018 5th Sunday of Year
Parish Handbook
Speak with Authority
Serving the Common Good
28th January 2018 Fourth Sunday of Ordinry time
A Prayer for our Earth
Prayer for Justice
Identity and Direction
21st January 2018 Third Sunday of Ordinry time
The Power of Introductions
Seasons of Your Heart
A Modern Version of Psalm 27
14th January 2018 Second Sunday of Ordinry time
Partnership led to ´real-life´ Learning
From Justice and Peace
Looking for Jesus
7th January 2018 The Epiphany of The Lord
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  The Christ Child of the Year
31st December 2017 Feast of the Holy Family
Believe in the promise of Christmas
Justice and Peace
A Carol and the Milkmaid
24th December 2017 Fourth Sunday of Advent
Prepare Your Heart
An Advent and Christmas Creed
17 December 2017 Third Sunday of Advent
What is your Legacy?
The Smaller Beatitudes
Do not let them be lonely this Christmas
10th December 2017 Second Sunday of Advent
Reconciliation Sunday
Advent Calendar
3rd December 2017 First Sunday of Advent Feed the hungry
The church that love is
How the cardinals survived communism
26th November 2017 Feast of Christ the King
World Day of the Poor
God´s Gift
19th November 2017 33rd Sunday of Year
Sunday Plus
Bethany Trust
Pope tells Church of Scotland.
A Short History
12th November 2017 32nd Sunday of Year
What´s the Soluion?
Ways of Praying
Close the distance not the gate
5th November 2017 31st Sunday of Year
A reflection on the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act
A letter from Archbishop Cushley
29th October 2017 -30th Sunday of Year
A Good Person is
Give back to God
22nd October 2017 -29th Sunday of Year
Alison Brown´s Poem
15th October 2017 28th Sunday of Year
Jesus and Women
8th October 2017 -27th Sunday of Year
The Ignatian Adventure
1st October 2017 26th Sunday of Year
A Selection from 100 Prayers
L´Arche a place to belong
24th September 2017 25th Sunday of Year
Father Matthew Pittam
17th September 2017 24th Sunday of Year
Something Beautiful
10th September 2017 23rd Sunday of Year.
White Hot Centres
3rd September 2017 22nd Sunday of Year.
Parent and Child
Oscar Romero
27th August 2017 21st Sunday of Year.
20th August 2017 20th Sunday of Year
13th August 2017 19th Sunday of Year
6th August 2017 18th Sunday of Year.
The McLellan Report
The Bauty of Christian Life
30th July 2017 17th Sunday of Year.
The Bible Says.
23rd July 2017 16th Sunday of Year.
Once a Catholic.
16th July 2017 15th Sunday of Year.
Staunch Catholics with no time for Mass
9th July 2017 14th Sunday of Year.
The Kindness of Lament
John Vanier
2nd July 2017 13th Sunday of Year.
Refugees Please Read.
St Mary Magdalene´s Parish Open Meeting
25th June 2017 12th Sunday of the year
Cluster Parishes
18th June 17 Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ
Draft Constitution for Parish Pastoral Council
Constitution for Parish Finance Council
Parish Handbook
More wisdom and compassion
The Only world worth building
June 11th 2017 Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Go on ahead
June 4th 2017 Pentecost Sunday
Ascension to Pentecost
Richard Rohr´s Litany
Letter from Bishop Robson
Letter from Archbishop Tatrtaglia
May 28th 2017 7th Sunday of Easter
Edward Hays Whose voice is it?
General Election Pastoral 2017
May 21st 2017 6th Sunday of Easter
Women as Jesus´ desciples.
Not just a priest but
May 14th 2017 5th Sunday of Easter
Carol Monaghan
Cardinal VLK
May 7th 2017 Fourth Sunday of Easter
April 30th 2017 Third Sunday of Easter
April 23rd 2017 Second Sunday of Easter
A Reflection for Easter Sunday
April 16th 2017 Easter Sunday
How can Good Friday be good?
Holy Week continued
Holy Week and Easter
The Tridum 2017
April 9th 2017 Palm Sunday
Life is like a journey on a train
April 2nd 2017
March 26th 2017
The Encounter ´Gift of God´
March 19th 2017
March 12th 2017
A Moment´s Meditation
The Inner Compass
February 26th 2017
February 19th 2017
February 12th 2017
February 5th 2017
The Journey Inwards
January 29th 2017
The Deer's Cry A Morning Prayer
January 22nd 2017
God Lives Under The Bed
January 15th 2017
The Epiphany of The Lord 2017
Mary Mother of God
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  November 27th 2016
November 20th 2016
November 13th 2016
November 6th 2016
October 30th 2016
October 23rd 2016
October 16th 2016
October 9th 2016
October 2nd 2016
September 25th 2016
September 18th 2016
September 11th 2016
September 4th 2016
August 28th 2016
August 21st 2016
August 14th 2016
August 7th 2016
July 24th 2016
July 17th 2016
July 10th 2016
July 3rd 2016
June 26th 2016
June 12th 2016
June 5th 2016
May 29th 2016
May 22nd 2016
May 8th 2016/
May 1st 2016
April 24th 2016
April 17th 2016
April 10th 2016
April 3rd 2016
March 27th 2016
March 20th 2016
March 13th 2016
March 6th 2016
February 28th 2016
February 21st2016
February 14th 2016
February 7th 2016
January 3rd 2016
January 10th 2016
January 17th 2016
January 24th 2016
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  December 27th 2015
December 20th 2015
December 13th 2015
December 6th 2015
November 29th 2015
November 15th 2015
Mgr James Rae
November 8th 2015
November 1st 2015
October 25th 2015
October 18th 2015
October 11th 2015
October 4th 2015
September 27th 2015
September 20th 2015
September 13th 2015
September 6th 2015
August 23rd 2015
August 16th 2015
August 9th 2015
August 2nd 2015
July 26th 2015
July 26th 2015
July 12th 2015
July 5th 2015
June 28th 2015
June 21st 2015
June 14th 2015
June 7th 2015
May 31st 2015
May 24th 2015
May 17th 2015
May 10th 2015
Eulogy Fr. Tom Hennessy
May 3rd 2015
April 26th 2015
April 19th 2015
April 12th 2015
April 5th 2015
Holy Week and Easter Services 2015
March 29th 2015 (Palm Sunday )
March 22nd 2015
Summary open meeting 22nd March 2015
Examination of conscience
March 15th 2015
March 8th 2015
March 1st 2015
February 22nd 2015
February 15th 2015
February 8th 2015
February 1st 2015
From Archbishop Cushley
January 25th 2015
January 18th 2015
January 11th 2015
January 4th 2015
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  December 28th 2014
December 21st 2014
December 14th 2014
December 7th 2014
November 30th 2014
November 23rd 2014
November 16th 2014
November 9th 2014
November 2nd 2014
October 26th 2014
October 19th 2014
October 12th 2014
October 5th 2014
Sept 28th 2014
Sept 21st 2014
Sept 14th 2014
Sept 7th 2014
  St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes St Mary Magdalenes
  November 24th 2013
November 17th 2013
November 10th 2013
November 3rd 2013
October 27th 2013
October 20th 2013
October 13th 2013
October 6th 2013
September 29th 2013
September 22nd 2013
September 14th 2013
September 8th 2013
September 1st 2013
August 25th 2013
August 18th 2013
August 11th 2013
August 4th 2013
July 28th 2013
July 21st 2013
June 30th 2013
June 23rd 2013
June 16th 2013
June 9th 2013
June 2nd 2013
May 26th 2013
May 12th 2013
St Mary Magdalenes
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