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My name is Peggy. As I remember the early years here are my thoughts

Bernard Ayers

Bernard Ayers comes to mind first a master craftsman who did so much maintenance on the church building and the Parish house. It is mainly thanks to his work that the church is in the good conditiion it is today. Bernard received the Diocesan Medal in 2016 for service to the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene

Pat McInally

Pat McInally is another outstanding parishioner who was mainly involved in the spiritual side of parish life. He was the sacristan and trained and supervised the alter servers. To me Pat seemed to be only short of putting on clerical vestments. In July 2003 Pat was awarded the Diocesan Medal for services to the Church.

St Mary Magdalenes.co.uk
St Mary Magdalenes.co.uk

Isobel Banks

Isobel Banks was the first lady to invite me to take part in church groups and I really appreciated that.

Another memorable parishioner was Willie Gillespie who was involved in many roles mainly passkeeper but also gardener and wherever else his help was required.

1. What are our ideas, thoughts, or stories, past and present.
2. What do we like or dislike about St. Mary Magdalene´s?
3. What would we change?
4. What have we to offer?
5. What brought you to St. Mary Magdalene´s?
6. Which parishioners, past or present have impressed or do impress us now and why?
7. What stories, anecdotes, memories or events have we to share with each other?

My answers are:

What brought me to St. Mary Magdalene´s?
Since moving house to Bingham in 1989 I have attended St Mary Magdalene Parish. Since my first visit it never occurred to shop around for another parish though I was sad to leave St Paul´s Muirhouse where I had often experienced the parishioners around me like a warm blanket. It was through Isobel Banks invitation to join the prayer group held, on Sunday evenings, in the parish house that I met so many other parishioners (I wish I could remember all their names). There I met Andrew Banks and I recall he was a member of the Legion of Mary and encouraged me to join.

What do we like or dislike about St. Mary Magdalene´s
I really admire the music group who are always in good voice. I also admire all the loyal, faithful people who take part in the various ministries and chores to ensure the smooth running of our parish.

What would I change
Had I the funds I would replace the windows in the hall annd paint the walls. The outside of the church belies the beautiful interior whether there is no one in the church or it is buzzing with Sunday morning worshippers.

To sum up
When I came in 1989 Father Hennessey had recently been appointed Parish Priest here (until his retirement in 2011). Only now, with this initiative do I really appreciate how generous the parishioners of St Mary Magdalene´s are with time and talent. This has continued though the years and now continues and improves under the leadership of our hard working Parish Priest, Father Jock Dalrymple.

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